AOL Mail App for Android, iPhone and Other Mobile Devices

These days, with mobile devices having become extensions of our physical person, any email that can’t be accessed through a mobile app is almost not worth bothering with. If you can’t check your mail on the go, you may as well have fallen off the grid compared to the rest of the constantly-connected world. With your AOL Mail account, you can stay connected virtually anywhere using the AOL App on the majority of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.).

The official website and help pages offer lots of useful information about the AOL App, more than we could possibly get into in this post. But we will cover the basics, including what you can expect to get when you download the AOL mobile app, some of its core features, and how to install it on all your devices.

What is the AOL App?

AOL’s mobile app combines their most-used services into a single application for Android and iOS operating systems: AOL Mail, news, and videos.

aol app

Basically, you can do anything you would normally do in AOL Mail in a streamlined version on your phone or tablet, with optional push notifications so you never miss an important email.

From the AOL App official homepage,, you can access some frequently asked questions about what the application can do, and tutorials for using the mobile version of your mailbox, newsfeed, etc.

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You can also find information and download links from the AOL help pages, at

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How to download the AOL App

There are a few ways you can locate the right version of the AOL mobile app for your device. First, as you saw earlier, there are download links on the app’s homepage for Android, iOS and Amazon. All of these buttons will take you to the official market for each type of device (Play Store, iTunes, and Amazon, respectively).

Likewise, you can use the links from the help pages to do the same thing.

The other option is to search directly from your device’s app market, which might be the most convenient route if you have your phone or tablet in hand right now. Since most devices have an icon on the home screen or in the app drawer for this purpose, it’s just a matter of opening it up and searching for the AOL App in your device’s official store.

For example, Android users can simply open up the Google Play Store on their smartphone or tablet, and type “AOL” in the search bar. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you would follow basically the same steps, only using the iTunes App Store to do your search.

aol app

You will get a page of search results listed in order of relevance usually. Approximately the first two rows are apps developed by AOL, but the one you want to download is the first one, “AOL-News, Mail &…”. Click on the thumbnail to go to the detail page, where you can get more information, see screenshots of the AOL App, and download it to your Android device.

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Here, on the AOL App detail page, you can scroll through screen shots of the application so that you can decide whether you like it or not before downloading. There is also a description of the app and its functions and features farther down on the page, along with user reviews. Up at the top is the “Install” button. Tapping on this will start the download on your device, and then it will be installed automatically.

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Most devices will automatically create a shortcut icon for the new AOL App that you’ve installed, placing it on either the home screen or in the app drawer. All you need to do at this point is tap on it to open, and then sign in to your AOL Mail account using the username/email and password that you would normally use on your PC.