How to sign up and sign in on AOL Mail log in or log out

Email platforms are a must when it comes to online service companies like AOL, which in the early 2000s were the absolute leaders in this segment. At present time, it is true that AOL does not have such relevance in the internet industry, but some of its services are considered quite valuable and with more benefits than those one leading the scene, such as it happens with the AOL Mail platform.

Since, there are certain benefits related to AOL email platform in direct comparison to current competitors like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo Mail. For example, with AOL Mail users have the possibility to enjoy up to 18 GB in personal cloud storage for photos and other type of information, as well as up to 1 TB available for uploaded attachments in emails as a benefit that is not nearly offered by other providers.

Also, it is known that AOL Mail is a more secured platform in comparison to other services, with state-of-the-art protection against spam and viruses. That is why; the process on how to create an AOL email account and then sign in to enjoy this platform is worthy of being done, as it will be explained next.

Creating a new AOL Mail account: registration process

To sign up in AOL and have a proper email account with great security and storage features is very easy. First of all, we must enter AOL´s email platform using the URL address, being this one the same one we can access the platform by entering proper email address and password.

However, since we are creating a new account and we do not have credentials just yet, we are going to click on the option “Create Account” to start the registration process and keep on following the steps until we have our own account.

AOL Mail

By clicking on this option the registration process will start, asking us to enter required personal information in order, such as first and last name, email address or how do you want your AOL account to be, properly secure password, mobile phone number for verification and security purposes, birthdate and gender as optional blank to fill in.

After all the personal information required is entered, to keep on the registration procedure you must click on “Continue.” Nevertheless, if you have any doubt on the terms of service or TOSs or the contract you are about to accept, on this step you can click on the buttons “Terms” or “Privacy Policy” for more information about personal data management and more.

In case that at the moment of entering your personal password the platform throws a warning message saying “Your password is not strong enough, try making it longer”, it is recommendable to make it more secure by adding at least one number, one symbol and of course upper and lower case letters and in this way the password will be strong enough to continue the registration process.


This next step is very simple; we must click on the “Text me a verification code” button and like this the platform will send us a code through SMS to verify if such previously entered mobile phone number exist, verifying at the same time identity.

At this point we should have received a text message with the AOL code on it to enter it on this step of the sign up process, so write it down and then click on “Verify.”

If everything is fine and the entered code is valid in the platform, AOL will show us a congratulation message telling us we have created our account and we can access it at any moment. In this way, the signing up process is complete and we can click on “Continue” to access our inbox.

Signing in and signing out on AOL Mail

Now that we have created our AOL Mail account we can use it on any local or mobile device through different internet browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Edge or any other.

To do so, we just have to write down the URL address just like in the registration process, but in this case we will be entering the credentials we now have like email address in first place and then click on “Next.”

At this point you can select the checkbox “Stay signed in” if you are using a personal computer and you do not want to keep signing in every time.

After the platform recognizes your email address as a valid one, then it requires your password as final credential to access your AOL email account. So, enter your password on the empty space and then click on “Sign in.”

In case you want to change the email account to access you can do so by clicking on the option “Not you?”

Also, if you have trouble remembering your password you can click on “I forgot my password” to start the process of recovering it or getting a completely new one, with the help of your mobile phone number, so keep it close to you if that is the case.

If everything is fine and all credentials are correct you will be accessing your AOL Mail inbox in no time, allowing you to send email and attach big documents or files, images and even videos.

On another part, if we are using someone else´s computer or for any reason we have to remove access from our AOL account on any device, to know the process of signing out is very important.

To carry out this procedure, locate the option “Sign out” right below your email name account and click it. Automatically the session will be closed and moved to AOL´s news home screen, as a useful platform to stay informed and from which users can sign in again and enjoy other AOL services.